Aggretex Systems offers a cutting edge portfolio of colors which can be installed on their own or blended with thousands of aggregate options. For nearly two decades,
Aggretex has been delivering great floors for both interior and exterior applications. Find out why so many of the premier concrete contractors, landscape architects, and designers love Aggretex decorative concrete products. Aggretex helps you deliver: 

CONSISTENT COLOR – our products have the color in the bag, no more batch plant inconsistencies or mixing color

on site

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – you pick and choose the additional aggregates you want to add

CONSISTENT AGGREGATE EXPOSURE – load up to 40 lbs. of aggregate per bag on site to create one of a kind looks – you and your client decide how much you want to see

PERFORMANCE – our products achieve 5,000+ PSI after
28 days

Smashed is our standard series of Aggretex colors designed to be polished or exposed for both interior and exterior applications. A broad stroke of standard colors can breathe new life into an existing space, giving
you the opulence of concrete without the unsightly blemishes of inconsistent concrete patches and
repair marks. Once polished or exposed, our Smashed series gives you consistently brilliant color
while revealing various sand and aggregate particles. 

On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual samples.

Want to take Smashed to the next level? Then get Rocked!  Combine any of our standard Smashed
colors with thousands of aggregate options! Mixed on site, Rocked gives you
unlimited design potential. Glass, rocks or even shells can be added to the mix to create one of a kind
floors that make any space unique. Check out some of the inspirational blends that have helped
so many designers to make their statement with Aggretex!

NOTE: Rocked items are intended for design inspiration only, some colors may be
custom and not part of the standard Smashed line

Some of the nation’s premier precast companies can use Aggretex SMASHED products to create innovative designs.  From stair treads to pavers, Aggretex gives you the ability to compliment your floors with coordinating precast accessories.  Contact us today and we can connect you with some of our precast partners.



The best way to compliment an Aggretex pourable floor is with a complete set of Aggretex Precast Stairs and Risers.  Made in industry standard sizes, you can mix and match colors between the treads, risers and safety strips. View photos of Aggretex precast stairs here.